The Gift of Miles


The Gift of Miles

Each a reward
Closer to those I love
Nearer to all that I miss
A toddler’s laugh
A newborn’s downy caress
An infectious smile
Bonds that remain unbroken

A gorgeous whitewater free fall
Of cascading emotions
Joy in waves that embrace
The blue overhead
Sky, water, and souls
In a shared presence
Always welcome
A warm embrace on my return

I left home on November 1st (after casting an absentee ballot) (and after testing negative for COVID-19) for the 900 mile drive from Missouri to New York, so that I could see my new granddaughter, who was born on November 18th. A stop in Cleveland allowed me to see my granddaughter there, and a second COVID-19 test in New York allowed me to visit free from quarantine. In addition to seeing family, I made sure to visit some of my favorite sights around western New York, including the Niagara River and Lakes Erie & Ontario. Of course, the drive home allowed me to see my granddaughter in Cleveland once again, and I arrived home 23 days after my original departure, having driven 2400 total miles.

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39 thoughts on “The Gift of Miles

  1. Quite the 23 day adventure. Road trips resonate more when they’re shared, but there you were, alone, resolute, rolling through the east like an arrow from Cupid’s bow, straight and true; congrats. So nice to see you today on the video chat.

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    • Thanks, Grace.
      I wrote most of this while driving home on Thursday (voice recognition on my phone app), but LIVE gave me the incentive to finish it the next day. I’ve enjoyed those video sessions.


  2. Congratulations on the brand-new granddaughter, Ken, and on the amazing round trip of 2400 miles! It was well worth the drive and two Covid tests. A gift of miles indeed! I so enjoyed hearing you read this lovely poem, especially the lines:
    ‘A gorgeous whitewater free fall
    Of cascading emotions’.
    I bet you were glad of that warm embrace on your return.

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