Light Seen in Colors ~ haibun

Light Seen in Colors

For most of my life, I lived within ten miles of one of the most magnificent bodies of water known to man. Its combination of splendor and power never ceases to amaze me, though I’ve visited it hundreds of times. I see it far less often since moving away eight years ago, but seeing it this month for the first time in nearly a year was no different. From the rush and fury of the rapids above the falls to the roar of the water as it tumbles beyond the crest to the gorge below, the Niagara River at Niagara Falls once again took my breath away.

chilly mist
light seen in colors
sailing gulls

This haibun is my response to Haibun Monday: Being But Human,
from Kim at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, with the prompt to write a haibun
inspired by a moment “in nature that left you with a sense of wonder or awe.”

Image: Niagara Falls – 10 November 2020
(click image for larger view in new tab)

35 thoughts on “Light Seen in Colors ~ haibun

  1. I have always wanted to see the Falls in person, ever since seeing Marilyn Monroe in NIAGARA. But old age, ill health and the pandemic have compromised my wishes, so I love your sharing; it will have to suffice.

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  2. A perfect haiku to close your reflections on this amazing place. I visited only once, about a decade (more?) ago & probably would have loved it more than I did (a LOT!) if I hadn’t experienced a minor heart attack the day before we left…
    Haibun mastery, this.

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  3. The Falls are wondrous, but the roaring rage of the river leading up to the Falls was one of the most riveting sights I’ve ever seen. I agree with your every word!

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  4. Thank you for bringing the Niagara Falls to me this Tuesday morning, Ken. It’s a place I have only seen in photographs or films, and I will never get the chance to visit. I can’t imagine loving near it. I love your description of ‘the rush and fury of the rapids above the falls’ and ‘the roar of the water as it tumbles beyond the crest to the gorge below’, and what a cracker of a haiku – the second one I’ve read with gulls today!

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