time spent with granddaughters ~ Gogyohka

eagerly waiting for her cousin

time spent with granddaughters
one newly welcomed to this world
one scampers with joy
comfort for these weary bones
closer to the end than a beginning

with dad

I have chosen to write a Gogyohka (5 brief lines in keeping with the tradition of Japanese short verse) to response to MTB: Jisei (Japanese Death Poems), the prompt from Frank Tassone at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, or Gogyohka that reflects on
imminent death – and the significance of life in light of it.

We welcome a new granddaughter who entered the world last night. Mother and child are doing well and will be home tomorrow. Once I actually get to meet her this weekend, I will spend two days driving home early next week, including a visit with my two-year old granddaughter in Cleveland.

Mom with her dad (back when)

44 thoughts on “time spent with granddaughters ~ Gogyohka

  1. I have to tell you Ken that you make me smile and cry at the same time. Congratulations and much love and many huggggsssss to you and Bonnie and your children and grandchildren. Thank you for giving me such a rush of pleasure and tears of joy in these dark days of new quarantine. I love you man. God bless. Kiss Bonnie for me please. Or just look up from the computer and smile at her whenever you can.

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  2. Your little granddaughter is cuter than a bug’s ear. The new baby looks like a love pod. I can’t imagine you could be any more pleased than you are right now that you’re getting to see both of them and will be home in time for the holiday with your sweetheart. Congratulations for your many blessings.

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