Donald Downer

Donald Downer

What deeper descent than this lift?


Our attendant
Lips pursed
Beneath brim of red hat

Offers no excuses
Only promises
Of a living hell

The doors open to reveal
A hell no different than
The last four years trapped with him

A swift kick out the door
A simple X on a ballot
And we leave him behind

What sweeter ascent than this lift?

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #160 offers this scenario:

You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours.
When it finally opens, what do you see?

19 thoughts on “Donald Downer

  1. Last figures we got here in Australia was record turnout of eligible voters was approx 60%. The votes at the moment are close to 50/50. So 50% 0f 60% means that only 30% of eligible voters voted for the new President.


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