Beyond the tangled web
that threatens to choke the life
from this nation, that dearth
of dignity woven through society

From its highest leader, sworn
to preserve that dignity,
To those sworn to protect
the common people

There is a light within
the hearts of the people
Where true worth is recognized
A hope that lives

Behind the web that threatens
to cover it with darkness
One that grants to all
that which is their due


Shared with Open Link #277 – Live edition at dVerse ~ Poets Pub
(which goes live at 2pm CT)

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30 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I enjoyed your reading, Ken, and love the image now that I can see it more clearly; it illustrates your poem beautifully, the tangled web and the ‘light within / the hearts of the people’. The light is there, we just can’t see it yet.

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  2. Loved hearing you read this last night at the pub. And so fun to really see you there! The image fits with the poem quite well. Ah yes….respect is so important. It declares the worth of every individual.

    I’ll add one thing here — it’s the day, actually the moment, I think respect died in the political world. President Obama was giving a state of the union address….maybe his first? I can’t recall. Somehow, I was listening to it – I don’t usually. And in those sacred chambers where all of our elected officials were gathered….where the rules of decorum and Roberts Rules of Order had been followed for years and years….in the midst of his address, one senator said very loudly, “LIAR!” It interrupted his address. He looked totally shocked as did all of the senators as the camera scanned to find the individual. A HUGE break in decorum. Later, that Senator was censured and apologized. But I think, that was the moment civility died in our political world. Just my observation. It has to do very much with RESPECT. Respect for the office was always paramount…..whether or not you respected the individual. That is no longer the prevailing sentiment.
    And for me….it’s very hard, seeing president Trump mock the disabled, engage in namecalling, to separate the man from the office. I’m hopeful, come January, whether or not I agree with the policies of the individual, I’ll be able to respect the man and the office again.

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    • Thank you, Lillian. Yes, I remember that State of the Union moment. At the time it was hard to believe it was a sign of things to come.
      As for Trump, the only respect he has for the office he holds is the ability to hold that title.


  3. A great reminder Ken. Yes within us is much more respect and love than the sensational pieces we see on the media. The propaganda blanket has been pulled up tight and tucked in. It is time to kick all that off and start talking about reality and the good that is all around us instead of the evil!

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