Ascension Dissension ~ with audio

Ascension Dissension

He knows his body knows,
communicates when it states
its intentions, dissension
its main talking point.
Lest he forget, he will soon
regret letting desire trump
prior warning signs. Aches
will wake joints that protest
at his best efforts to continue
as if nothing has changed,
but range of motion is not
what it used to be. See,
Ken is no spring chicken.
You can bet that when
he tends to forget, something
like a six-mile hike will
remind him of what he should
already know. Take it slow.

The prompt from Peter Frankis at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, MTB – Let your words ring out, asks us to write a poem that combines sense with sound. I’ve used alliteration, assonance and internal rhyme to achieve that.

I spent most of yesterday hiking 6 miles through a National Forest. The repeated inclines across ridges, as I followed bluffs above a river, took a toll on my body. After dinner, I made a list of maladies and aches, wondering if I could somehow use them in a poem. Reading the prompt this morning answered that. Maybe I’ll describe my day in a photo blog this afternoon.

23 thoughts on “Ascension Dissension ~ with audio

  1. Your poem rolled off of my tongue so well. Sorry if I’m chuckling at the story you told. Nature is good for giving us those reminders. Six mile hike through woods would be a real challenge for me these days. We used to go hiking up and down dunes at least a couple of times a week back in the day.

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  2. What a beautiful way to be reminded though! This summer I had worked myself up to 5 miles, but with autumn allergies and cooler air, my asthma and knees have me back to 2. But it would be hard to resist such a setting. (K)

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  3. You are right that this could also work on a whole other level. I also chuckled a bit (sorry), but well done with poem and reading!

    I can walk six miles without ill effects–though hiking might be different. But a few days ago, I basically tripped over myself–while indoors–and banged my foot, so no long walks for a bit. Sigh.

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  4. Loved to hear you read… I hope you are ready for the love event on Thursday… I will try to record it so we can have a memento as well.. I think you are on a journey in your country. It will not end with the election but I hope that it might be the start of a new beginning.

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    • Thanks, Björn.

      Politics in this country has become so rancorous, and the current administration holds the blame for much of that. I like to think “the dust will settle” when the election is finally resolved. Maybe that’s possible, because if (when) Trump is defeated I don’t see any Conservative politician with such a low moral character waiting in the wings. Political differences are one thing, but that man turned it into a circus.

      I’m looking forward to the Open Mic Meet.


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