Always Aflame

Always Aflame

The fire of our dreams
Fed by the fire in our lives
Fueled by the fire of our dreams
Alive in the fire of our lives
Shaped by the fire of our dreams
Resolved by the fire in our lives.

My poem is inspired by This Poem Is Shaped By Google,
a poem written by Jenna (revivedwriter) and inspired by Google search results.
(in response to MTB – Lists that Google gives us)

So, in a way, this poem is remotely inspired by a Google search
(and completed free of nightmares).

Image source: / Sebastian Sørensen

23 thoughts on “Always Aflame

  1. The repetition here, together with the photo, reminds me of the flame flickering….and that’s the dreams and the life…flickering, flaming, calming down a bit, bursting up again. Fire needs oxygen!
    Enjoyed this one!

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