Empty Landscape ~ ekphrastic poem

Empty Landscape

What is parting
when neither wishes to leave?

Far from ignoring the distance
between us, we embrace a landscape
that becomes more barren
the greater that distance.

Once close, it seems we are meant to be
apart, even as we are together.

This poem was written as a response to an ekphrastic challenge at The Ekphrastic Review, but it didn’t make the cut. Even as I submitted it I knew it’s a poem that is still unfinished. Perhaps that’s a reflection of a scene that is, itself, unfinished. In the painting, “Figures in a Landscape,” by Bertram Brooker, I see the despair of having a need to part without the willingness to do so.

Responses to the challenge can be found here,
including two fine examples by Merril Smith and Kim Russel.

Image source: Art Canada Institute

12 thoughts on “Empty Landscape ~ ekphrastic poem

  1. You capture the feeling of the painting.. i like that you posted it despite being rejected. Im still always interested in reading the response, even if it wasn’t chosen

    That said, I have dozens of rejections I haven’t posted myself…of course I always feel I need to do art as well. So they pile up. (K)

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