look skyward ~ senryū

look skyward
when seeking answers
the moon knows

This haiga/senryū is my response to
Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 196: #ThemePrompt,
with the words sourced from my magnetic poem Understanding.

Background image: crescent moon, 24 June 2020
(The theme for the prompt is “The Night Sky.”)

22 thoughts on “look skyward ~ senryū

    • It is comforting. Thank you, Kim.

      Safe as possible. Missouri is now a red zone (hot spot) for coronavirus, and my city/county ranks second in the state. Meanwhile, the only masks are in businesses that require them. This morning, I went to a hospital for a checkup. Everyone wore a mask (required). Just before that, I went to my chiropractor, where no one – staff & patients – wore a mask. Go figure.

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  1. There is so much conflict on the right thing to do. The politics are ridiculous.
    Let’s hope those of us who attempt to stay healthy have the brains to help provide the solution to all.

    If only the moon could provide us with the answers – we just need to listen harder.

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