On the Subtle Nature of Eros

On the Subtle Nature of Eros

With Poetics: Exploring Erotica as a Literary Genre, Sanaa Rizvi (adashofsunny) at dVerse ~ Poets Pub reminds us that erotic poetry “demands a higher degree of lyricism through an expression of subjectivity and ‘complex feelings’ ” yet need not rely on explicit sexuality.

I decided to start cold, by writing something yesterday, but erotica is not my thing. So, today I decided to tweak some of my older poems (none from WordPress) to achieve a subtle eroticism. Two of the poems received minor edits while a third (the second, here) is a blend of two separate poems to achieve the result.

Undying Thirst

Beauty that brings marvel
whenever I drink her in

Eyes most welcoming
Lips always tentative, at first

Neck inviting
Skin so soft, responsive

Curves that invite,
gladly meet

Always this marvel,
and a thirst never lost

yearning realized

touching on fantasy

urgency embraced
emotions intertwined

soul gazing into
finding soul

thoughts coalescing with
anticipation realized

far exceeding anticipation

savoring sensations

a cheek resting gently turns
lips brush hip in tiny arcs, swirls
savory sensation

tongue lightly, cautiously
traces lines
savors the taste

lips move across, slowly
pausing midway
always savoring

lips reach the other side
hip mirrored
in swirls softly stroked

thoughts savor your approval
as hips move
echo your sigh

top: Smithsonian American Art Museum – Eros et Musa, by Henry O. Walker
middle: Wikimedia Commons – The Victory of Eros, by Angelica Kauffman
bottom: extracted (cropped) from a photo by Diego Delso, delso.photo, License CC-BY-SA
via Wikimedia Commons – Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, London
(Anteros, twin brother of – and often mistaken for – Eros)


43 thoughts on “On the Subtle Nature of Eros

  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful! ❤️ I admire how you have constructed the poem into three parts (which as a concept in itself is absolutely brilliant) and love the image; “urgency embraced emotions intertwined
    /soul gazing into finding soul.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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