Where is the sense in all this?
Nothing but circles, this particular circle,
and it’s growing old, fast.
It’s pretty hard to get into specifics
when there are so many specifics.
We all have problems, but it’s time
your problems were yours,
and not mine. Speaking of mine,
I ask myself, where is my head at?
When I wish my thoughts were elsewhere.


This is my response to MTB: Stream of Consciousness Writing, the prompt from Grace at dVerse ~ Poets Pub,which asks us to write a poem by emulating “the passage of thought through your mind without any inhibitions. For that reason, sentences become longer, less organized and more sporadic in style.” Sorry, but once I started it just flowed. Unfortunately, these is where my head was at. I wrote for five minutes, and this is what came out. Wonder what it looked like? See below. I suppose it could have been a prose poem, or simply a rant.

Image source: clipartkey.com

31 thoughts on “Head/Wall

  1. You’ve summed up my current state of overwhelm with “It’s pretty hard to get into specifics / when there are so many specifics.” I find myself wincing when I open email and see yet another string of notes on specifics of the pandemic, the racial unrest, the politics … any one of those categories is waaaay over-reported and under-understood by the reporters … definitely by me as reader!

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  2. You’ve captured a frustration that so many are feeling right now, Ken. Head/Wall says so much. Thank God for the ability write out the frustration. Us writers and poets have a powerful coping tool in our toolboxes. You have very nice handwriting!

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  3. Head/wall … the most descriptive phrase with which I think we all can identify. So much of his pandemic and trying to sort out truth from fiction is like batting one’s head against a stone wall!

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