Kingfisher in Flight ~ haibun

Kingfisher in Flight

It’s early morning as I paddle on this narrow river that winds and twists through farmland, changing direction nearly every quarter-mile. On a day when temperatures will reach the mid-nineties, I move along a brief northward stretch and enjoy the cooler air as I take advantage of the shade offered by trees along its eastern bank.

A heron takes flight as I approach, but a killdeer lingers nearby, leaving tiny tracks as it dashes in spurts across the mud. Tiny waves sparkle in sunlight as I pass a break in the trees and paddle around a dead tree extending from the bank into the water. Catching sight of me, a turtle sunning itself drops into the water with a plop. I continue back into the shade, enjoying the sights that surround me.

kingfisher in flight
reflection of waves in flight
kayak glides along

This haibun is my response to Come Sail, the prompt from Sarah at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Sarah says,
“For this prompt, I’d like you to be inspired by boats. Maybe you’ve travelled by narrowboat, or taken a cruise on a big liner. Maybe you’re a kayaker, or a paddle-boarder. Maybe you built a raft as a child, or made a toy boat out of twigs and leaves. Maybe you’re a rower or a sailor. Maybe you take a ferry to work, or watch other people floating down a river. Maybe you want to write about an imaginary boat, with sails of leaves and a cargo of fairy dust. It’s up to you.”

Image source: screenshot from this YouTube video

34 thoughts on “Kingfisher in Flight ~ haibun

    • Thank you, Jane. I paddle two different stretches of this particular river, within 9 miles of each other in a straight line. Meandering around hills and bluffs makes it a 40 mile downstream distance, and the width goes from 20-70 feet at the upstream section to 100-120 feet as it nears the Missouri River, so the areas have two distinct characters. As different as they are, both inspire.


  1. Well….you should have just heard the audible sigh escape my lips. Such a peaceful kayaking experience with you. I can feel the shade of the trees, hear the turtle, see the wildlife as I go along with you here. Just a wonderful response to the prompt. The haibun form was definitely the way to go with this for you….I don’t think a “normal” poem could have taken me with you, actually in the kayak with you. REALLY enjoyed this one!

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