hidden, but not ~ gogyohka

hidden, but not
sturgeon in a broad expanse
merely elusive
knowing where to look
the moon always rises

This gogyohka is in response to Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #150: Sturgeon Moon.
The first full moon of August is called the Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon, Barley Moon or Red Moon.

My attempts to photograph the full moon on Monday evening (11 hours past full moon)
were stymied by clouds.  The moon was as elusive as a sturgeon.

Also shared with Just Sayin’, the Open Link Night prompt from Lillian at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

29 thoughts on “hidden, but not ~ gogyohka

  1. Outstanding work, Ken.
    I started a sturgeon moon haiku (or something like it) in response to the “Look Out The Window” challenge, but it just didn’t want to be. I had to wait for this morning’s bright sunny (& new!) front porch. Not to worry, though, that moon’s still in the Work-In-Progress file…
    Meanwhile, your moon’s a feast. Thanks.

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    • Thanks, Ron. I don’t have any kind of memorable view from the front of my house, so I though I’d write about the back, which has no view at all due to surrounding high trees. In fact, I was trying to write about not seeing the moon due to the trees and recent cloudy nights. (I had to drive 1/2 mile away for my photos.)


  2. Love the words….love the image. Are there two images merged here? The left side has those ethereal clouds in the dark sky. The right side is almost solid black/dark sky with the moon. Two images side by side?

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  3. Oh Luna, she does enjoy the slips and slides of her dance through cumulus veils, the tease! And like any master and mistress of the art, the photos are evocative for what they don’t show as much as what they do.

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  4. Sturgeon moon. So many names for phases of the moon. Such a constant reassurance and reappearance, guiding seafarers and gardeners, and being the touchstone of lovers along the way.

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