Flickering Candles ~ haibun

Flickering Candles

When I was growing up, our family always held birthday celebrations; simple affairs with my parents and sisters, and, occasionally when I was younger, with my grandparents. Birthday cakes were present, of course, and our tradition was to have an extra candle on the cake. “One to grow on.” Another tradition was to have the birthday celebrant cut the the first slice into the cake and have the knife removed by the person with the next birthday, as a measure of good luck.

I may not place much significance on birthdays of my own as milestones, but I’ve always enjoyed celebrating a birthday with family and friends. A photo from 1958 is proof of that. It has one very pleased little boy who just blew out the candles on his cake.

flickering candles
give warm feelings all around
frosting on windows

This is my response to Haibun Monday: Birthday,
the prompt from Kim at dVerse Poets Pub.

Also shared with Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday
#Poetry Challenge No. 189, #Poet’sChoice

25 thoughts on “Flickering Candles ~ haibun

  1. Those must have been some neat memories to reflect on. As well, that sounds like a very interesting and unique tradition. I never heard of it!

    Beautiful haiku; I can feel that warmth through your words.

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  2. ThT is one cute and happy boy. I love candles and a birthday cake without candles wouldn’t be the same for any child. Never heard of the extra one for growth but like the idea.
    Your Haiku goes great with this endearing story, a story where love reins.


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  3. I love your photo, Ken! What a brilliant idea your parent’s had to add the extra candle to grow on and the additional hand in cutting the cake. Those traditions are still important today and made us who we are. Brilliant work. I loved this! ❤

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