patent, as in open

patent, as in open

a hole in the wall
the shortest route
between two chambers

the heart of the matter

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #145 asks for a poem
that is as short and as cryptic as possible.

If the MRI I had on Tuesday shows no indication of past stroke,
my patent foramen ovale (PFO) will remain untreated.

Also linked to Open Link Night #270 at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Detailed chambers of the heart & PFO illustration – © Mayo Clinic
(click image to see larger view in new tab)

63 thoughts on “patent, as in open

  1. As ever very clever Ken – you always cojure such penetrating depth is such deceptively simple ways – I always find you to be an original and interesting writer and nearly always come away with something fresh… Thanks again…

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  2. A new (to me) perspective on “patent” … and a physical condition to add to the mystery list. Alas, even if the MRI clears the mystery to date, now you get to worry ever more? I suppose mid life is a not-so-patent portal into bodily mysteries, finding more and more of ’em as we grow older.
    Your poem is concise & precise & eye-opening. All in only 20 words including title! Impressive.

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    • Thanks, Jazz. As it turns out, 25% of adults have this condition, and it doesn’t require treatment if there are no symptoms. However, the atrial septal aneurysm that was detected along with this will increase the possibility of a stroke. Unfortunately, my suspected TIA (in October) would not show, but the neurologist wants confirmation of no past stroke activity to cement his decision to go on as normal. After this, if I were to have another TIA he would reverse his stance.

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  4. I’m late to the party on my comment. In my anatomy & physiology classes, the professor stressed the “complementarity of structure and function.” You’ve conveyed these ideas in a poetic and metaphorical fashion so well here. Sorry to hear of the possible health carryover. Sounds like the doc has a close eye on things and so do you, which leans things in your favor. Hoping the results are what you’re looking for.

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