Who I Am

Who I Am

This moment is, but is not
who I am. A poet finds magic
in the beat of a heron’s wing
and both joy and sorrow
in a setting sun. Rising mid-night
to check on a daughter’s well being
is a part of fatherhood, as is finding perfection
in one’s child. Being driven to provide,
I know I have delivered. Taking fifty photos
of an iris in bloom is merely an appreciation
for beauty. All of nature is perfection,
whether on a coral reef or a backwoods trail,
and I have recognized it. Knowing
true friendship is as important as returning it,
in kind. Offering to others what one
would have for oneself is a given.
Given a choice of any one of these,
I choose all. That is who I am.

This poem is my response to MTB: I am, The First Person Narrative, from Grace at dVerse Poets Pub, with the prompt to write “to the First Person Narrative,
using ‘I am’ as part of our poem.”

I may have retired from a career of handling and delivering freight,
but I have not retired from any other aspect of this.

43 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. nice.

    some truth in there. the giving and receiving of friendship. its not a one way street for sure
    and the care of the children. i have 2 boys of my own. so i understand the need to check on them.
    and on finding perfection in nature. it asks for nothing back, other than abit of appreciation and respect

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  2. This is wonderful. Love your “50 photos of an iris”!
    Do you suppose we are open to possibilities and ever-changing because we are poets? Or is it the reverse … we poets simply reflecting what all experience, but many never acknowledge?
    (Taking numerous photos of a cluster of morning glories this morning, I was drawn to their not-yet-fully-open blooms, feeling I’d stumbled into a unique vantage point calling for more, more photos. )

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    • Thank you, Jazz. I think it’s both, which would be being open to understanding.

      I was photographing an iris, trying hard to move the wrinkled, unopened buds out of the frame, until I recognized (and appreciated) the contrast they provided.

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  3. Just (finally!) got around to posting mine & I’m really glad I stopped in here before turning in. Take all the good things the others posted about this poem & add me to that list. Fine work, KG

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