getting my outdoors

getting my outdoors

highs in the nineties, damn hot
in the sun, past two weeks
same for the next week

even 8am sees high seventies
reading the paper on the porch
at 7am the extent of my outdoors

damn humidity makes it no better
might as well be raining and it does
on and off, with rain tonight

enough is enough
if the rain stops
in the morning I’ll be on the water

hugging the bank
hugging the shade,
getting my outdoors

Image: The gar were splashing last month
(Video screenshot – click for larger view in new tab)

22 thoughts on “getting my outdoors

  1. It is warm here, too, on the mild coast, and then inland, in the valleys, hills, and mountains, it is warmer still, and in the desert, it is hot, so hot Hot HOT but “It’s a dry heat” he said, burning to death in Hansel & Gretel’s witch oven oh my.
    Enjoy the water when you get to it ! ! !

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  2. I hope you got out. It has been so hot and humid here that I haven’t even wanted to walk at 7 AM–then it rained all day yesterday. We were fortunate that it was nice Thursday night, so we actually went out and sat outside at a winery.

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    • Exertion in the heat drains me, but I’m actually hotter sitting still in the kayak, on these hotter days. Paddling, I make my own breeze. To top it off, there was a nice gentle breeze, Sunday morning.

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  3. I hear you mumbling about this summer heat! It is really cookin’ … 93 here today! We went to the park to meet the family for lunch today. Humidity was down so it was not bad in the shade when the breeze blew through. Home by two and did not go out again!! It is summer time!!

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