As Above ~ ekphrastic poem

As Above

so below, within the pulse that emerges
star fields forming just beyond

flames engulfing, just as quickly receding
depth in layers revealing what was always there

currents that conceal nothing and everything
eclipsing perception even as stars dance

their light washing away all you perceive
offering instead an amorphous birth

life in starlight

This ekphrastic poem is my response to the prompt for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #141 – Free Flow, which is to express a free flow of thoughts inspired by As Above, a video by artist Roman Hill showing the surface of a fluid chemical reaction accompanied by a pensive score.

Also shared with Open Link Night #269 at dVerse Poets Pub.

Image: screenshot from the video “As Above”


AS ABOVE from Roman Hill on Vimeo.

33 thoughts on “As Above ~ ekphrastic poem

  1. You had me at “currents that conceal nothing and everything”. Your piece puts me in a cosmic state, embracing overlapping, interlocking dimensions, and a billion billion solar systems.

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  2. I enjoyed your reading at the Google Meet, Ken, and, now I’ve seen the image, I appreciate it even more. I love the idea of ‘star fields forming just beyond’ and offering ‘life in starlight’.

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    • Thank you. And yes, the chat was nice. I would have been in sooner, but I was distracted while editing this poem. I hope there are more “Meets.” It was nice to see and talk with poets I have read.

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