Years have passed
since you emerged,
and still your wings unfold.

A dark world
would make you a victim.
Don’t live in its shadow.

Certain, within yourself,
pride is yours.
Wear it.

This is my response to dVerse Poetics: On Pride. Anmol asks us to write a poem on pride, gender fluidity, sexuality, protest, et al. I have seen how cruel the world can be and the damage it can inflict.

The recent US Supreme Court decision regarding employment discrimination, with the inclusion of LGBTQ, is a step forward. There are many more steps before us. Other poems I have written relative to this matter can be found here.

Image source: screen capture from this YouTube video (Nature in Motion).

33 thoughts on “Transfiguration

  1. “A dark world would make you a victim,” .. there is so much depth and meaning in these words! I love how this poem has multiple dimensions to it ❤️

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  2. Ken, this encourages me to turn inward and find the beauty praise-worthy in my current dilemma with my son (terminally ill with brain cancer, diagnosed a couple weeks ago). I emerged as “mother” when he emerged as human and we both still have some wing-unfolding to go. Every experience is a change agent, this one very challenging, but I see my role primarily as helping him accept new limits, helping him with unfinished unfolding if I can. Thank you for the inspiration in these lines. I am indeed filled with pride as his mother – I wear, witness that. Printing this to tuck into my journal as I head to Minnesota to be near my son, maybe bring him back to Texas, who knows what that unfolding will look like.

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    • Oh, I’m so sorry, Jazz. You alluded to some bad news in a comment on one of my posts. I’m so sorry to hear this this. I can’t imagine what your son and you must be going through. I would also be devastated, and I wish you strength to help your son with this scary journey. Thinking of you. 💙

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  3. As a queer person who grew up in a secluded, rural area, it’s difficult to live with pinned wings and think of it as anything other than victimhood. It took me a while to understand one does not acquiesce being by acquiescing expression, but it took me even longer to understand the toll of what was abnegated. We must all fight, since we deserve better. Not just LGBTQIA+ folks, but all of us; we need a happier, healthier future.
    Thank you for your poem, Ken. Meant a lot.

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  4. It’s true, Ken, that our wings continue to unfold and, by the time we start to feel comfortable in our skins, the final flight arrives. A good reason for not living in the shadow and for wearing our pride.

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