Pieter Caspersen van Naerden  [1600-1664]

Pieter Caspersen van Naerden       [1600-1664]

In your world,
where Amsterdam was New,
would I have known you?
We are not all that different.

Horsepower hauled my loads,
it’s true, but it would seem
alien to you, with oxen
drawing your wagon of spirits.

I never delivered beer,
but I’ve enjoyed drinking it.
Did you quaff a pint or two of ale
after a hard day’s work?

Your beer served warmer than lagers
and ales of today, had you seen
another fifty years you might have
enjoyed a porter or a stout, my favorites.

Across ten generations,
from one teamster to another,
here’s to you,
Pieter Caspersen van Naerden.

This poem is my response to Poetics: Back to Life, from Laura at dVerse Poets Pub, with the prompt to write a poem by reconstituting a dead person, one that is unknown to us, neither family nor famous. I’ve taken the liberty of choosing someone who may, or may not, be from my family tree. I’ve yet to confirm that.

22 thoughts on “Pieter Caspersen van Naerden  [1600-1664]

  1. There’s something immensely grounding about the geometry of ages. We can always find a human quality to tether each point of “us” together, even in the most quotidian of things.
    I’m sure of my origins, and since I’m from Iberia, those can be as varied as varied be. In my surreal cogitations, I imagine descending from some Umayyad Caliph from Al-Andalus; perhaps Hisham II himself.

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  2. It would be so cool if you were related to him, Ken, a family occupation through generations. It is a sort of bridge, as Kerfe says, and a fine tribute. Children and adults might drink a low-alcohol beer at breakfast, but Pieter probably carted the stronger stuff.

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