A Dream of Peace

A Dream of Peace

Beyond the horizon, that point
between here and there,
now and then, there is peace.

Freedom from strife,
often imagined, is the norm,
and harmony is enjoyed by all.

Beyond the horizon, the moon
calls to me. I wait for her to cast
her light on that peaceful scene.

This poem is my response to Triplets, the prompt from Frank at dVerse Poets,
calling for poems utilizing tercets.

The next full moon is at 2:12pm CST, 05 June 2020. Clouds are moving in tonight and expected through tomorrow, so I hope to catch a glimpse of the near-full moon tonight. I could use some peaceful moonlight. The top photo is of last month’s full moon.

*The second photo was taken this evening – 99% full – 05 June 2020
(Click images for larger view in new tab.)

22 thoughts on “A Dream of Peace

  1. Ken you have such good camera skills! How in the world do you get your perfect shots? I just shut the blinds and saw the lovely lady up in the sky. The light she casts is so comforting, like a protective shield on and around the house.
    I very much like how you arranged the words and punctuation, leaving a feeling of genuine hope.

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  2. Thank you for this vision of hope, and truth in my opinion. Peace is found in the moment, in between moments, it is a state of mind. And what I most liked about your poem, it didn’t feel like an impossible vision, but something we are all actualizing in these turmoil times.

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