everything is gray ~ tanka, kyoka, gogyohka

The prompt for MTB: 5-Line Japanese Poetic Forms from Frank at dVerse Poets Pub is to write a tanka, kyoka, or gogyohka. Frank discusses each of the forms. I’ve tried to cover all three, in order.  This series was a hard one to write.

bird with broken wing
beneath broken cedar branch
saved by helping hands
must be returned to the wild
before wild nature returns

broken clouds
in coming storm
offer hope
only an illusion
everything is gray

a soul is troubled
looking for escape
safe haven offered
troubles multiply
everyone suffers

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (edited here)


28 thoughts on “everything is gray ~ tanka, kyoka, gogyohka

    • Thank you, Kerfe. Starting with the third, I wanted all of them to express the same thought. I wasn’t trying to bridge the first and last, but I see now that’s exactly what I did. Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Ditto Merril’s response.
    Plus a personal perspective on “rescue” – of either injured bird or troubled human (either of which could be deemed a Soul) – the instinct to help is powerful, and always presents an opportunity. But it also draws the rescuer into a tango with forces beyond the obvious, which can radically reshape the rescuer (and may not benefit the rescued.) I follow my instincts, fingers crossed, eyes as open as I can get ’em.

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