Somnambulant Questioned

Somnambulant Questioned

While I, the night before determined
not to rise before the sun, wake instead before
the moon sets to read your words. Or do I?

Does light from a screen exist, are motions
of zoom and focus by a somnambulant
real if not documented, captured?

Must I wait until I truly rise to learn
your words do remain, that the moon
kissed the horizon before my eyes?

Or will I wake to find nothing has changed
as I break the skin to peel back in segments
what was only a dream all along?

This poem was inspired by “somnambulant,” by grapeling.

Images: super moon, 5:00am CST, 07 May 2020
(click images for larger view in new tab)

11 thoughts on “Somnambulant Questioned

    • Thank you. The night before, I decided I wouldn’t set the alarm for 5:00. When I woke at 4:30, I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I checked the WP reader on my phone. The poem seemed made for someone half-asleep. Writing a response in my head definitely was not the way to fall asleep, so I finally got up – just in time to see the moon before it went behind the trees. Some things you can’t escape.

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  1. I have always loved the moon. She is so changeable, so moveable, sometime offering her full brilliance whose changeable light waxes and then wanes, exposing and then hiding, blessing night or whispering in daylight, vanishing into the burning fire and then, reborn, as if a giant fingernail marked the sky. Thank you Ken for shining your light toward us too.

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