Thirty Long Days

Thirty Long Days

I knew that I had seen the worst
When poetry became a curse
For thirty days preceding May
A poem written every day

The well ran dry too many times
In both free verse and simple rhyme
But now it seems the end is nigh
I can relax and breathe a sigh

It’s back to writing when inspired
No daily written word required
And when at last my head has cleared
I’ll try this once again next year

~ Day 30 ~

Shared with Open Link Night: We are listening at dVerse Poets Pub

32 thoughts on “Thirty Long Days

  1. I like the notion that we write when we’re inspired, but in my case the 3 d’Verses prompts are a delicious reason to be inspired thrice each week. I would never try a month long marathon for just the reasons you outlined.

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  2. Beautifully rhythmic and rhyming. I admire the poem-a-day people. I’ve always been an extemporaneous kind of poet, responding to midnight epiphanies when my brain, for whatever odd reason, filled with words that fell into order and rhyme. One day I might be brave enough to attempt to write a poem a day!

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  3. Congratulations on reaching day 30, Ken! It certainly is a marathon, but it took my mind off isolation and connected me with other poets throughout April, the strangest NaPoWriMo yet. Well done for the jaunty rhyme, which took the edge off the curse of writing a poem every day. Some of us do that anyway, although I’m glad of the break from it today, which allows me to read and comment on everyone else’s poems!

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  4. The poem a day-thing never inspired me. I’ll try and go through the process perhaps next year. One surely learns a lot in that time, having to dig for ‘inspired’ words on a daily basis! I laughed at your effort here it was so heartfelt!

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