Minty Update

Minty Update

It’s been nearly four months since I changed my laptop’s operating system from Windows 7 to Linux Mint (due to the end of Microsoft support for Windows 7). Other than a few hiccups, the transition has gone fairly smoothly. Mint’s utilities are very useful, and there are many programs that are available in a Linux version. As in the past, I use LibreOffice as my word processor, and I have started using KdenLive to process videos. In fact, I find KdenLive to be more flexible than my previous software, Magix Movie Edit Pro.

One major flaw involves my Epson scanner/printer. I’m able to use the printer without any issues, but I’m not having any luck with a driver for the scanner. Fortunately, I installed Linux as a dual boot, so I can restart in Windows and use the scanner from there. I only do that when Wi-Fi is turned off (and with a direct connection to the scanner), since security updates are no longer provided for Windows 7.

As for hiccups, there is one in particular. Lately I’ve noticed (on any browser) that when I Like a WordPress post the Like is gone when I reload the page. I have WordPress designated as a trusted site with my ad blocker, but I think it has to do with the Like button being an app. But… if I turn off Ghostery my Like will register with the post, so I do that when at WordPress

I’m learning my way around the software. In fact, I receive notifications when there’s an available update for routines within the programs I’ve installed, say GIMP or Audacity, so that’s a nice feature. Unlike Windows, none of the updates are force, even those that are a direct modification to Linux, so I don’t have to worry about the laptop restarting when I’m in the middle of something. Everything considered, the switch to Linux Mint has been a good move.


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