Gee, Why so Serious?

Gee, Why so Serious?

You can call me sir,
name me what you will,
but why be so serious?
Make it Ken. That’s not so hard.
What’s that, my full name?
A simple Ken G will do.
Ah, but but that’s not so clear
from my signature, is it?

What is it about that letter, G?
In blocks, it’s just a broken circle
with a shelf. What is this
curse I’ve placed upon myself?
Pen to paper, it’s a scrawl,
like it doesn’t know where
it wants to go. How does it
keep from falling over?
Let’s just make this easy.
You can call me Ken.

The prompt for Day 23 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month at
is to write a poem about a letter of the alphabet.

27 thoughts on “Gee, Why so Serious?

  1. That is a poem with laughter. Good for a sunny morning.
    I will call you Ken. Not even Ken G.
    I use the same kind of answer often as English speaking find my surname difficult. …..just call me Miriam.

    Have a good weekend Ken ……..G.😊

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