Silence in Your Words VII

Silence in Your Words VII

Clearly, as before, you have nothing
to add to the conversation.
And yet your presence, even
in your continued absence,
cannot be ignored. Will we ever know
your intent? A simple acknowledgment
is all we ask. Surely, you have the time.

The prompt for Day 21 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month at is to find a poem in a language you do not know and perform a “homophonic” translation of it – translate it simply by how it sounds.

I’ve used the resource suggested by the prompt, Poetry International Archives, to find a poem linked as Estonian, titled “ZOEKTOCHT NAAR DE EEUWIGHEID VII,” by Jürgen Rooste. Google Translate says the title is Danish, as the author’s name might indicate, and offers this translation: “SEARCH FOR ETERNITY VII.” The page for each country links to suggested poems with snapshots of those poems, including a portion of the poem’s body. The link for the poem by Rooste shows a blank space (screenshot, above), which I have interpreted as silence. Consider this an exercise in poetic license.

15 thoughts on “Silence in Your Words VII

    • Thanks, Merril. Angela van Son found the poem for me. My link went to a blank page because the poem is Dutch, not Estonian. I still like the idea of an empty page being the response to the search for eternity. (Or should that be an endless page?)

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