The Tie That Binds

The Tie That Binds

Within my hand lies the gift of time,
from your father to you, and now to me.
When I pass it on, this pocket watch
will hold the lives of three generations.

A simple watch. So thought the jeweler.
“I can clean it, but it’s probably not worth
repairing. It’s only seven jewels.”
But it keeps time, and it continues to hold time.

Its true value lies in those three generations.
The “chain” is a testament to that,
made by the hands that first held it.
A simple black shoelace for a simple watch.

My grandfather’s pocket watch was handed down to my father, and then to me.
It’s fitting that this working man’s watch made in 1898 hangs from a worn black shoelace.
(Research shows that it has 15 jewels.)

The prompt for Day 20 of National/Global Poetry Month at
is to write a poem about a homemade or handmade gift you received.

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