Another Tricky Day

Another Tricky Day

What is one day to another?

Does Monday wish for Friday,
Wednesday give thanks that it’s not Monday?

And would the sun still rise
if Sunday fell in the middle of the week?

These questions were answered long ago,
when I retired and every day became Friday.

But what of those now sitting at home,
stay-at-home and social distancing their jailers.

Will they return to their daily regimen
now that every day is Saturday?

The prompt for Day 18 at is to write an ode to life’s small pleasures.

6 thoughts on “Another Tricky Day

  1. GOOD snapshot of COVID coping. A bit of forced slowing of pace and lessening of physical turf is probably a good thing for each of us … unfortunate that it’s happening due to a virus with lethal capacity. Will be intriguing a year from now to look at various assessments of damage done. The politicians will see it differently than the scientists …

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