Party Line Love

Party Line Love

A quiet moment in the dark,
the phone pressed to his ear.
This girl is more than just a lark.
His love for her is clear.

In awkward verse he spills his love,
but then that awful click
reminds him that they’re not alone.
He better make it quick.

But as he speaks it comes again,
that awful, dreaded tone.
“Get off before I count to ten.
We need to use the phone.”

He knows it happens every time,
so what’s a boy to do
but call her on the party line
and share his love so true.

Today is Day 17 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month,
and the prompt at is to write a poem about forgotten technology.
This one goes back to the 1960s.

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18 thoughts on “Party Line Love

  1. Nostalgia … I do not miss party lines, but I do have a few memories I cherish. My dad once needed to make a call and after checking several times to find the same women gabbing (his assessment) he laid the phone down beside the piano and gave them a long and loud concert. When he finished, the line was clear, he made his call. I was preschool, but that afternoon is as tangible as if yesterday. You just took me back there – thanks! This poem’s a keeper.

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