what prompted this?

what prompted this?

walking away     not
looking back         poked
prodded these words       so
much I couldn’t start
a fire in a can of gasoline
this scene is rubbing the words
raw        rubbing me raw
robbing me of         any
desire        to write them
     down         on cue
or otherwise         lies
I tell myself to      motivate
instigate        navigate my way
onto the page        engage myself
with a process that should need
no prompts          just be what it is

Well, I guess I got that out of my system. If this means I’m writing, I’ll take it.
Day 15, National/Global Poetry Writing Month

16 thoughts on “what prompted this?

  1. Prompts are meant to nudge one’s thoughts, loosen ’em enough that they spill out. Thing is, what spills may and may not seem to an observer (reader) connected to the prompt – the degree of correlation perhaps staggering the responder.
    I am comforted by your stance here … lots of gaps between phrases … as I struggle to respond to a different sort of writing prompt w/o feeling compromised. Maybe I’ll insert empty space between bits of what fits and what feels foreign – corral the diverse bits and let them mingle.

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