Truth in Flowers

Eastern Redbud

Truth in Flowers

Redbuds in bloom set the stage,
say no blues today.
As foreseen by the dandelion,
violets attest to that truth.
Faces turned to the sun, phlox agree.
The final reward on this day of hiking?
Ever cheerful bluebells.

Common Violet & Dandelion

Blue Phlox


Today is Day 11 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month. The prompt
for is to write about specific meanings of flowers,
with a link to a glossary of flower meanings (in text, here).
In this instance those flower meanings would be:

violet – faithfulness
dandelion – Rustic Oracle
phlox – unanimity
bluebell – constancy

Images: Runge Nature Conservation Center, Jefferson City, Missouri
(click each image for larger view in new tab)

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