Immersion ~ concrete poetry


Today is Day 9 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month,
and the prompt at is to write a concrete poem,
one in which the lines and words are organized to take
a shape that reflects in some way the theme of the poem.

Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty formatting the text on the page
in the WordPress editor, but the lower half of the image shows how it appears on my screen.
Click on the image for a larger view in a new tab.

Formatted differently, the poem might appear as below.


More than a tool, in my hands
this paddle is an extension of myself,
the limits of my energy removed,
creating a connection with that which
already is the core of my essence,
in turn allowing me to become as one
with the very nature of all that surrounds me
and affects me so profoundly.


29 thoughts on “Immersion ~ concrete poetry

      • Have you tried editing the html directly before? The PRE tag is almost perfect for this kind of thing. It keeps any and all white space that you type between the opening and closing tags. So all blank spaces and line breaks that you add show up when viewed. That’s how I got my tree to come out the way it did. It does display in a monospaced font, though, and if your text is too wide for the space, it creates a left-to-right scrolling box.

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        • Thanks.
          I use the html editor, but mostly in a copy/paste fashion from my previous posts. Changing font size, spacing and color are about the extent of it.


  1. Oh, marvelous … I love the visual delivery but also the words stand alone in traditional format … your paddle SOOO much more than a tool in hand. Most of us have some sort of tangible “tool” that represents connection to Self … this feels universal and personal, even though a paddle is not my personal link.

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