one poem a day ~ senryū

one poem a day
without internet access
poet’s frustration

Bandwidth issues today meant more time battling technology than reading or writing.
At least it gave me a senryū.

Today is Day 5 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month.
While this poem is off-prompt, but I’m sharing it at

13 thoughts on “one poem a day ~ senryū

    • With the stay-at-home order, I’m sure our share of bandwidth is down. I upgraded our bandwidth allotment. Now it’s a matter of finding the hardware to handle it. Everyone is shopping for the same.


  1. I had lot of trouble getting things to open. So I closed Google Chrome and went to Firefox and everything opened without a fuss. Then just to see what would happen I went back to Google and everything worked well again.

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  2. Seems nothing is guaranteed right now … hoping your connectivity gets its act together and stays steady … and your patience prevails! In such cases, can you include a “written on” date with the poem and post it later along with another day’s poem?

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    • I spent the day playing with the computer , instead of using it. I finally got around to writing in time to post this. My new modem takes advantage of my upgraded bandwidth. For now I’ll use the old router, until I can find a faster one. (Everyone is shopping for them, it seems.)


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