Fresh Air Walk During a Pandemic

Fresh Air Walk During a Pandemic

There was rain that would not touch me,
followed by sunlight that surrounded me
but kept a respectful distance.

Even pollen seemed deferential.
Skirting the edge of the trail,
passing hikers offered a simple hello.

The birds treated it like any other day,
their distance a product of instinct,
mine a matter of discretion.

Cedar branches swayed in the breeze,
flinging leftover rain droplets,
a reminder that things could be normal again.

This is my poem for Day 2 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month.
It’s off-prompt, but I’m sharing it at

Also shared with Open Link Night #263 at dVerse Poets Pub.

46 thoughts on “Fresh Air Walk During a Pandemic

  1. We are inundated with oak pollen … but rain also … so the buildup in the air has remained tolerable.
    And getting outdoors is incredibly therapeutic, perhaps more so as a solo jaunt. I like the spirit of this poem, everything alive with energy … perks me up just reading this.

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  2. If only the weather would keep a respectful distance! I like the polite pollen, ‘Skirting the edge of the trail, / passing hikers offered a simple hello’. Thank goodness for the trees, reminding us that things could be normal again.Your poem lifted my spirits this morning, Ken.

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    • Thank you, Kim. The order of “Skirting the edge of the trail/ passing hikers offered a simple hello” was reversed in the previous draft, but I chose this order so “Skirting” also could be associated with the pollen. I’m glad it worked out.

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  3. There’s some nice tension in this set up in the first stanzas – the rain keeping distance; the pollen deferential; skirting the edge of the trail – and then a joyful, almost haiku final – with the cedars raining everywhere. Satisfying and hopeful.

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  4. That opening is stunning — the very idea that nature could/would keep its distance when it’s the very essence of sustenance and healing. Deeply touching poem.

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