The Color of Rain ~ tritina

The Color of Rain

Glad, the days when I hear
the colors in the sky
speaking through the rain,

their voices telling the rain,
“Listen closely and hear
the beauty of the sky.

Your own voice within the sky
is most welcome, rain,
joined with ours for all to hear.”

Glad too, the rain, to hear such welcome in the sky.

This is my response to Words and picture poetry challenge – 1, from Jane Dougherty, where she offers the Francis Ledwidge poem “Thomas McDonagh” with the challenge that we use three words from the poem as the end-of-line words in a tritina, with the Ledwidge poem as inspiration. (a variance, on my part, here)

Tritina ~ a poem with three three-line stanzas and a fourth stanza of one line
~ the same three end words used in the first three stanzas, in this order in                 successive stanzas: 1,2,3; 3,1,2; 2,3,1
~ the last, one-line stanza using the three words
“The repetition of words in a Tritina makes this form a good match for
a story that uses common speech, for in conversation the repetition of key words is common.” (
The three words used here are hear, sky and rain (1,2,3)

Also shared with Open Link Night #262, at dVerse Poets Pub.

Image source: / Michael Koralewski

41 thoughts on “The Color of Rain ~ tritina

  1. I don’t think we’ve ever used the tritina n MTB; probably should. A very interesting and creative piece. Rain on the tin roof of my deck always soothes me.

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