I walk the walls,
my head around the corner
that lies beyond the door.
Precarious in this chair on the ceiling,
I cling to the fan that should not be
on the floor above me, spinning
me in starts and stops. In a world
of contradictions, I touch nothing
and everything at the same time.

Vertigo, my isolation.

This poem is my response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126,
where the theme is Isolation

25 thoughts on “Warped

  1. Damn that’s good. Damn that hell. Twisted. Clinging. Alive with power. Screaming with pain. Is it too early to tell you that is my favorite movie? Jimmy Stewart et al. The music moves in my brain. I weep for the woman, flailing, falling from the tower. Tarot Hitchcock. Twice. He freaking did it twice. What a horrible, killing movie. Love you Ken. Take care. Rest. Sleep. Recover for another few years of freedom.

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