COVID-45 ~ video poem


It’s simple, really, your method of bending
the base instincts of the masses.
Convince them that yours is the one true reality.
Smother them with promises, but deliver the opposite.
No one in their right mind would replicate you,
yet the pool of hosts open to contamination
by your vile presence grows exponentially.
If only they would wash their hands of you.

Surrounded, as your are, by sycophants,
the only thing missing is a crown.

This is my response to Poetics: “Bartender, I’d like to close out my tab-oo,”
the prompt from Amaya at dVerse Poets Pub. 

36 thoughts on “COVID-45 ~ video poem

  1. That’s brilliant, Ken. I was wondering if you would crown him at the end. I’m sure you’ve seen comparisons made between him and King Joffrey from Game of Thrones. First time seeing him compared to COVIS but it’s spot-on.

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  2. A thing can only grow exponentially if we provide a conducive environment for it to proliferate. Enter divided, outspoken, screen-addicted America. If the ‘virus’ isn’t fed with a bloodstream of maga hats, then it’s fed with airborne vitriol meant to defame. I wish we’d all just give COVID the silent treatment. Still, very creative poem and yes, let’s just wash our hands (of him, but also of any virus who’s power-obsessed.)

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  3. The pandemic is a weird litmus, is it not? Showing us who we really are in the face of an invisible threat. America’s President is running around like a naked emperor. We need to open up a new bar for coronavirus poems. It’s really a brand new metaphor in need of explicating in every direction.

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