Know Your Real Truth

Know Your Real Truth

Wisdom in hindsight?
Who determines the blessing of that mantle?
Wisdom exploited is simply a commodity,
with complexity a factor multiplied,
consequence the product of a distorted truth.

Mature wisdom lies outside
echo chambers of parroting masses.
True unity lies in having the presence
of expression in an open exchange.
Only then is there true unity.

This poem is inspired by thoughts in Stephen Tanham’s Wisdom Breathes Out?,
also seen at The Silent Eye.

25 thoughts on “Know Your Real Truth


  2. Another thoughtful poem, Ken. Some become wiser with age–and we can learn from them–but others never do. And often young children can express wisdom that is often ignored. The “parroting masses” parrot the lies they hear. We can hope for true unity, but I’m not certain we’ll find it.

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