Deer Enclosure (visiting Wang Wei)

Deer Enclosure (visiting Wang Wei)

Loneliness on empty hill
Hearing voices of past visitors
Same when visiting deep forest
Green moss shining in reflected light

Literal translations of classic Chinese poetry can be found at This is my interpretation of a poem by Wang Wei. The literal translation, as provided at, is as follows:

Deer Enclosure

Empty hill not see person
Yet hear person voice sound
Return scene enter deep forest
Duplicate light green moss on


Image source: Sotheby’s – Deer under Pine Tree, by Shen Quan

More Chinese interpretations can be found here.

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44 thoughts on “Deer Enclosure (visiting Wang Wei)

  1. It’s always uber cool when you grace us with one of your translation. Poetry in other languages has such different inflections and meanings and inferences. Bjorn amazes me with his writing poems in English.

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    • Thank you, Carol. The original is one of the shorter poems I’ve tried to interpret at, but it fits my usual tendency for brevity. I’m glad my version was effective.


  2. That literal translation isn’t quite up to par with the grammar is it? I rather like your idea of taking those translations and making them your own. You did so well with expanding on those few words. Very beautiful. Gayle ~

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  3. Whereas your translation would suit western minds more no doubt the literal translation is much like the orginal to the Chinese reader. Our minds have developed differently to understand the language style over thousands of years and both are correct!

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  4. What a wonderful thing, this is delightful. I once had to translate some poems, in various order, from English to German, French to German and back to English, including a couple that had been written in one of the languages by a non-native speaker. Then I had to do the whole shebang into Spanish, which I don’t speak very well. Probably a few “Empty hill not see person”s in there.

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