together ~ senryū

looking to the stars
shared insight

Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge 124 – Martha Magenta Tribute asks us to write a  poem that honors the spirit of a haiku by Martha Magenta. My senryū is inspired by:

night watch . . .
I follow her gaze
to the stars
           Martha Magenta

From her Poet Profile at The Haiku Foundation:
“Martha was in a hospice for the last week of her life and was well looked after – her son was with her at the end. She passed away on January 14, 2020.”

I realize my words pale in comparison to hers, which are a fitting tribute to one who is no longer with us.

13 thoughts on “together ~ senryū

  1. Nice! One to whisper to someone special out in West Texas “dark” zones …
    (Since finding Gary, my stargazing has significantly grown in insights. For one thing, his eyesight exceeds mine by far, but also he is well-versed in the patterns up there and their shifting due to seasons, hour, etc. Yet he shares all this knowledge with an undercurrent of awe to be seeing it “now”. Contagious awe!)

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