Shaming ~ quadrille


Within the lies that tell of wonders wild
there lies the truth that wonder stolen
at the cost of freedom is nothing more
than a false face placed on the truly noble
as we don a face of false bravado
and our true shame.

This quadrille is inspired by, and a response to, Taming, from erbiage.
The prompt for Quadrille #96: Wild Monday is to use the word wild
in a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.

Image source: (© Nina Zotina – east2west news)

21 thoughts on “Shaming ~ quadrille

    • Thanks, Frank.
      I’ll admit to having visited zoos, even as recently as last year. In the case of preserving a species that is endangered, it’s a worthy endeavor to provide shelter and even breed, but we can’t pretend that they want to be in captivity.

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