Pain & Renewal: A Poetry Anthology

My poem, “Unwound,” appears in Pain & Renewal, A Poetry Anthology, from Vita Brevis Press. It’s available in digital and print editions, and the details can be found at Vita Brevis.

Many thanks to Editor Brian Geiger. I’m honored to have my poetry included in this collection, which features many recognizable poets from WordPress.

Ken G.

40 thoughts on “Pain & Renewal: A Poetry Anthology

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  2. Ken:
    My (paperback) copy just arrived today. I haven’t read it all, yet, but I can tell you this: the wonderful overturned boat poem on p85 puts a perfect period to all the other really fine work in the “Pain” section & lets us step hopefully into “Renewal”.
    I have several other cyberfriends included in the volume, so it will remain a treasure.
    Congrats again, warm regards & best wishes for future successes!

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