Disintegrate ~ haiku

I submitted the five poems here to Pure Haiku
for Freya’s latest theme, Disintegrate.
The second haiku was featured at Pure Haiku on November 7th


life a forest path
journey of many footsteps
leaving crumbling leaves

compassion absent
during both good times and bad
friendship collapses

advantage taken
at the cost of innocents
mankind’s undoing

sugar dissolving
cream adding soothing light tones
sweetness of warm tea

gazing at the stars
drawn to expanding brilliance
supernova’s birth

As always, thank you to Freya Pickard for this feature, and for offering these prompts.

19 thoughts on “Disintegrate ~ haiku

  1. I like all of these, Ken. The first one is probably my favorite, but I don’t have to choose 🙂 The 2nd one is a sad reality that nobody wants to face with a friend. The 3rd one is a fatal genetic flaw for our species. Tea, like coffee, is good to me at any temp, any sweetness, with or without cream, and the last one reminds me of the song that has, “a champagne supernova in the sky.”

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