Hold That Thought

Hold That Thought

What is a thought?
Is there a pulse in the waves,
when they’re transient?

One beat skips.
And another.
How can you know how many,
when they fill a moment?
A string of moments.

There, and gone.

Is there a difference between what you know
and what you can’t remember?

Balance is attained when it returns.

Or is it?


A first for me: Today I had an echocardiogram and a carotid artery exam.
On can never be too careful.

Image source: Scientific American

15 thoughts on “Hold That Thought

  1. I would love to think there’s no difference between what I know and what I can’t remember … that knowing is deeper than recall … but I suspect a major gap (several, likely).
    One motivation to write is to capture thoughts … that I might revisit, rethink them. And curiously, when I do read things I wrote several years back I frequently revise to better fit the current thinking.
    An intriguing post, Ken.


    • Thank you for your concern, Lisa.
      I had a minor issue of imbalance followed by very minor confusion (thinking I could open a can with a bottle opener), with a couple of instances of “word loss.” Very brief. The thing is, I can be so scatter-brained – e.g. looking in the fridge when I want a plate in the adjacent cupboard – and I get frequent headaches with occasional vertigo, but I asked my Dr. on my next visit. Result – better safe than sorry.

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