Within This Cocoon

In my true nature as a procrastinator, I have allowed my laptop and various external drives to be cluttered with a disorganized, massive amount of files – photos, videos, documents, etc., but I now have the motivation to do something about that.
Windows 7 is about to lose all support from Microsoft, which means the laptop with which I am perfectly happy will be open to all kinds of security risks and useless to me in 15 days, so that laptop is busy performing a massive data transfer to a new 4 TB external hard drive. This will be followed by an installation of Linux in a new partition on the laptop, which will, hopefully, be the new OS. It will be dual-boot, so I can boot in Windows if absolutely necessary (while off-line, of course).
While the laptop is busy with that, I have made this first attempt to create a WordPress post from my phone.

within this cocoon
the ashes of my past life
waiting for rebirth

This haibun is my response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #286, with the prompt words ashes and cocoon.

24 thoughts on “Within This Cocoon

  1. I like how your haiku can be read in multiple ways–especially given your preface.
    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has computer filled with all sorts of stuff. . .sigh. I bought a new computer, but I’ve put off transferring documents to it because I have so much junk . .uh, I mean stuff. 🙂

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  2. Computers – Death and Rebirth!
    I have a computer that failed to successfully upgrade to the new windows. Switching it to Linus seems like a great alternative.
    Thanks for the great poetry and a bonus computer tip. May you have a happy New Year

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  3. Windows 10 just grounded my computer for days. My daughter spent many hours just trying to get Word to work. Somehow I managed to fix photoshop myself…I think. And it’s annoying to relearn how to do everything. So I sympathize. (K)

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  4. Also I need to organize all that junk I’ve accumulated too…I save everything on an external drive having once lost all my files when a computer crashed. But that doesn’t mean it’s any more well organized.

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  5. Love the haibun …
    And I’m taking note of your move to Linux … do keep us posted on how that works out. I’ve been on Windows since leaving IBM (& OS2) in 2002 … cannot make myself go to Apple, but I am not a happy Windows camper by a long shot! I know enough about Linux to know it’d be a bit of a learning curve but likely less hassle afterward. Hats off to you for taking that leap!

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    • Thanks, Jazz.
      There have been a couple of hiccups, regarding my laptop not allowing me to make a new partition when I have over 250GB of free space. My son is in IT and will try to help me (long distance) tonight.
      I’m hoping to have Windows when I need it, but If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll wipe it and go with straight Linux.

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