Notes, while driving with Primus

Notes, while driving with Primus
     (random riffs recorded on the road)

Well, that was not a planned stop.

Take powdery snow on a slick, wet road
and throw in an RV rolling over
in front of me and blocking the interstate.
Now, if that ain’t rude!
That’s a city boy for you,
drivin’ like that in the winter.

Sit there in the cold and dark and wait for them
to haul that crushed rollin’ cabin outta there.
When traffic starts crawlin’again,
slippin’ and slidin’ along, it might as well be
a southbound pachyderm.
That’s when I know it’s time to get off
at Terre Haute and park my ass in a hotel.

But now it’s morning,
and it’s back on the road, again,
Les talkin’ to me with his bass,
reminding me I’ll do anything to get there
so my baby can lie down by my side.
I think I’ll just let that fat bass drive me home.


My 900 mile return trip from Buffalo normally takes 2 days.
~ 1 day if I’m in a hurry to get home ~
This one took 3 days.
Gotta love that winter driving.

16 thoughts on “Notes, while driving with Primus

  1. What the HELL was anyone doing driving an RV in that mess, on the highway, going fast enough to roll it. ::writing nomination to the Darwin Awards Committee:: Sounds like you’re back in your baby’s arms. Congratulations for surviving it.

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  2. Yikes – I guess given the conditions, an accident is not surprising. We would not be towing our Airstream under those conditions if we had any alternative! Glad you made it home safely, even if slowly. Love these road poems – this delightfully portrayed: “When traffic starts crawlin’ again, / slippin’ and slidin’ along, it might as well be / a southbound pachyderm.”

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