Notes, while driving with Coltrane

Notes, while driving with Coltrane
     (random riffs recorded on the road)

that voice, among a frenzied pulse
of voices in Ascension,
their window brief

each branch outreaching the next,
never reaching the eagle as it banks,
passing overhead

as the tires drone, alive
with a pulse that thrives,
even as it succumbs

to a pulse that rises
even as it falls,
no missed beat

the sun always sets



15 thoughts on “Notes, while driving with Coltrane

  1. The branch that never reaches the eagle (but keeps trying) . . the sun that always sets (but always rises again). . .and that pulse—I imagine the pulse of the road and the pulse of life and nature. Hope the drive is going well.

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    • Thank you, Merril. I did think of those branches reaching for that eagle.
      The drive was fine, until I headed back to Cleveland, today. I sent a picture of WNY’s winter roads I was on to my wife, and she said, “Welcome home.” It’s the one thing I have not missed about the Buffalo area.
      With snow in tomorrow morning’s forecast, I’ll likely have that for the first hour driving home, and then the last two hours before home tomorrow.

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  2. Fantastic rhythm in this … I feel those pulses … and love that image.
    Also the image in my head of you driving along, singing along, snapping a photo of the view through side window during a pause.
    I’ve never driven with Coltrane (something to try!) but any long drive usually turns into an intense session with one of my CD companions … I let it repeat repeat repeat … and I hear things I haven’t heard before … something about music and rolling and no one interrupting with idle conversation. A bit of a trance state.

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    • Thank you, Jazz.
      I played through Ascension three times (the first time for me, consecutively). I usually take free form in smaller doses, but since I was “writing” (recording, hands free, on my phone) I was able to associate it with what I was seeing as I drove.

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