far from flawless,
my memories, homeless
in their wanderings

searching for details
in times no longer ageless,
leaving me helpless

formless, these thoughts
passing through my mind,
almost wordless

Choosing words from the supplied list (below), this series of senryū is my response to
Tuesday Poetics: Less is More, more or less, from Laura at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

ageless ~ boundless ~ breathless ~ careless ~ cloudless ~ colourless ~ faceless ~ fearless ~ feckless ~ flawless ~ formless ~ harmless ~ heedless ~ helpless ~ homeless ~ listless ~ needless ~ restless ~ rootless ~ senseless ~ tasteless ~ weightless ~ windowless ~ wordless ~

I’m also linking this to Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday
#Poetry Challenge No. 156, #Poet’sChoice.

22 thoughts on “rudderless

      • Mine was better when I worked at the courts, but I was a “sticky queen” which helped as it’s not photographic by any stretch. (sticky as in post-it notes). Memory can be improved with practice. I bought a $10 clone of “luminosity” and used it for about 3 months. My recall was charted and definitely improved over time. I guess it depends on how much you care about having a good memory. If you don’t then no worries 🙂

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