embracing light ~ haiku

Carpe Diem #1782 freestyling haiku … Devouring Apricots invites us to revise four haiku by Jane Reichhold (in blue) in a way that does not adhere to the rule of 5-7-5 for haiku, instead having minimal wording.

Source: ukiyo-e.org
Asters and Bluebird
Yoshimoto Gesso

light carried in my arms
apple blossoms from a neighbor
on my doorstep

devouring apricots
the fine hairs of er mustache
moist and juicy

broken by the storm
the asters’ fragrance rises
out of damp earth

rusty red the bracken
its shape lost as the cold
takes the bird’s wing

© Jane Reichhold

embracing light
apple blossom gift
most welcome

on luscious lips

damp earth
yields spent asters’ essence
storm’s fragrance

bracken darkens
wilting in the cold
of lost wings

4 thoughts on “embracing light ~ haiku

    • Thank you, Kerfe.
      As originally posted, I omitted the first two haiku by Jane. I always use the WP Classic Editor, but to create two columns I used the Block Editor. It broke the left column into two blocks, and I managed to duplicate the last two haiku. I absolutely hate working with that editor.
      As for the apricot lips, I thought that, of Jane’s four haiku, that one stole the show. I’m glad I could make something of it.

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